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Progress update!

Progress update!

First of all, we would like to sincerely thank you for your support and interest in the Game User Research book. We would also like to apologize for the delay in keeping you updated with the process – it has been a tremendously busy Spring 2016.

We have received a lot of submissions from both industry practitioners and academic researchers, well beyond our expectations, this will ultimately means that we will have a high quality book at the end of this process. This also means that we will need a substantial amount of time to review all of the submissions. So please expect delays on the proposal notifications, we are hoping that we will get back to you on this within the next four-five weeks.

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The Games User Research (GUR) book is calling for contributions

The Game User Research book (“GURbook”) will provide a venue for collating and disseminating knowledge and best practices about user research in games from industry and academia alike. The book aims to form an entry point for people into Game User Research, as well as a reference point and source of inspiration for experts.

Given the incredible diversity in the domain of game user research, and the broad target audience (professionals, researchers and students) the editorial process for the book is set up to be able to accommodate contributions from both academia and industry. An advisory board will provide running feedback on the editorial process and chapter submissions.

Deadline for chapter proposal submission is 15th October, 2014. Proposals should be 500 words max, including title and author name(s) + brief bio, submitted to the editors  ( Read more about this here.